Hawaii Foreign-Trade Zone No. 9

Hawaii Foreign-Trade Zone No. 9

Hawaii Foreign-Trade Zone No. 9 (FTZ9) offers cost savings and convenience to Hawaii’s international businesses and entrepreneurs.  Since 1966, FTZ9 has handled nearly $60 billion of goods.  FTZ9 promotes large and small business in Hawaii through tariff savings programs, warehouse services and office facilitiesgrowing an ever increasing international trade community.

As the Foreign-Trade Zone Grantee for Hawaii, FTZ9 oversees duty and tariff deferment programs throughout the state.  FTZ9 works on behalf of local General Purpose and Subzones to ensure they operate within US Foreign-Trade Zones Board and US Customs regulations.  FTZ9 files all applications to establish new General Purpose or Subzones in Hawaii, and remits concurrences to the US Foreign-Trade Zones Board in Washington DC when any General Purpose zone or Subzone are is altered, activated, deactivated.  FTZ9 also submits annual reports to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board for all programs under its grant.

FTZ9 is Hawaii’s hub of international tradeproviding infrastructure, on-site support services like Customs Brokers and Shipping Agents, and other resources such as workshops, seminars, and training, at our Honolulu facility.  FTZ9 operates a customs bonded warehouse, the newly renovated Homer A. Maxey International Trade Resource Center and its makai office facilities at 521 Ala Moana Boulevard, across the street from Restaurant Row, on Channel Street, in downtown Honolulu.

FTZ9 is a founding member of the National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones, the NAFTZ.

Who runs FTZ9?

In the State of Hawaii, Foreign-Trade Zone No. 9 was given a grant of authority by the Foreign-Trade Zones Board in Washington DC in 1966 to establish, operate, and maintain FTZs within the state for the purposes of encouraging international business and economic development.  FTZ9 is a division of the Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT).

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