Import/Export Video Library

Import/Export Video Library

9/16/2020: Import 101 (Kinabukasan Series)

GFH Global customs brokers, Gary Hamakawa and Matt Leaverton, breakdown the basics of importing to Hawaii, the requirements and best practices. Also, hear from Melody Calisay of East West Marketing about her journey to becoming an importer and her lessons learned. This is part of the Kinabukasan series hosted by the Filipino Chamber of Commerce and the Filcom Center.

11/18/2020: FTZ 101, Philippine Consulate General Import Assistance, and Caravan by 1Export (Kinabukasan Series)

Learn the basics and benefits of using the Foreign-Trade Zone and how you can designate a “zone of your own!” Also hear from the Andrea Caymo, Vice Consul, Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu, about the import/export market in the Philippines to the US and to Hawaii specifically. Find out how they can assist you in finding vetted suppliers to import from. Mel Nava, Co-Founder and CEO of 1Export and Caravan, is simplifying global trade with their innovative online platform to make exporting/importing products from Micro/Small/Medium-sized businesses easy!

1/7/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii

David Pang, Founder of Ilio Products and Malama Eco Products shares lessons learned on starting and growing his import, wholesale, and manufacturing business. Much of his advice applies to any business!

12/10/2020: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii

Jerry Tamamoto, VP of Ship to Hawaii, explains freight forwarding and how they can help you get your goods to Hawaii, especially from vendors and suppliers that won’t ship to Hawaii!

11/ 12/2020: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii

Edward “Tony” Anthony is the Founder of Casual Movements, a fashion company he grew organically from finding his niche, his suppliers and retailers, to wholesaling to Costco. It was a hard fought journey and he’s still going. Find out how he did it!

10/29/2020: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii

Devin Cahill, COO of Pacific Precision Builders, shares how their construction company is preparing to grow and getting ready to come back once the pandemic is over. They are getting ready to import and have been meeting with a customs broker to ensure their shipments arrive and are cleared. Find out how they are getting ready to scale their business!

10/15/2020: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii

Patrick Lau, Founder and President of Savor Brands, shares his journey from startup to 30-person company with a national distribution of products.  He shares lessons learned while building and scaling his design and import business. On an added note, he mentioned the Hawaii Islands Freight Association (HIFA) as an important organization that helps ensure companies are cost-effective freight rates to maintain a competitive edge. We need all the help we can get to save on transportation out here!

10/1/2020: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii

INNOVATE Hawaii PPE Manufacturing Grant with Wayne Layugan, Senior Project Manager. Learn more and apply here! 

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