Import/Export Video Library

Import/Export Video Library

9/16/2020: Import 101 (Kinabukasan Series)

Learn the basics and benefits of using the Foreign-Trade Zone and how you can designate a “zone of your own!” Also hear from the Andrea Caymo, Vice Consul, Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu, about the import/export market in the Philippines to the US and to Hawaii specifically. Find out how they can assist you in finding vetted suppliers to import from. Mel Nava, Co-Founder and CEO of 1Export and Caravan, is simplifying global trade with their innovative online platform to make exporting/importing products from Micro/Small/Medium-sized businesses easy!

9/16/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Direct Freight Transport to Japan

Jun Kuroda, owner of Offroad Express, is the Hawaii agent for SG Sagawa Global. He shares how Offroad Express started and the challenges of the pandemic on shipping and transportation.

9/2/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – The Benefits of Using the Foreign-Trade Zone

Scott Yoshida, Hawaii’s Foreign-Trade Zone No. 9 Warehouse Manager, shares how businesses can take advantage of the FTZ9, located right between downtown Honolulu and Kakaako. You could save on duties or better plan your cash flow.

8/19/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Freight Assistance for Small Businesses

Amber Lewis of Hawaiian Islands Freight Association shares how her organization helps small businesses save time and money on shipping, and facilitates networking with other small businesses too.

7/22/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Coffee Farming, Roasting and Exporting

Kelleigh Stewart of Big Island Coffee Roasters shares how she started and has grown the business, even during the pandemic by pivoting and growing their online direct to consumer market. They are also helping other Big Island coffee farmers upscale their coffee sales!  Heroes!

7/8/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Exporting Content and Services

Brad Watanabe of Berad Studio (FTZ9 neighbor) shares how he started and continues to grow his business by helping others tell their story in a meaningful way to build their brand. Berad Studio creates beautiful video content and exports this service internationally as well!

6/24/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – COVID-19 New Technology

Ernie Lee, CEO of FirstVitals Health and Wellness (and FTZ9 neighbor),  is developing a new test to determine whether or not you should get a vaccine booster. Is should be launching soon in Hawaii this Fall, just in time! They’ve got more programs to come to help Hawaii recover quickly.

6/10/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Exporting Aloha via Hula and Music

Kumu Hula Blaine Kia, of KIA Enterprises (FTZ9 neighbor), shares his story of how he became a cultural consultant to hotels and movies/films, and shares Hawaii culture and aloha through hula and his music. He has hula halau in five different countries!

5/27/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Shipping via Air vs. Ocean

Brian Suzuki, President of Hawaii Air Cargo, shares many stories about Hawaii businesses, lessons learned, and best practices for transportation and business in general. There are so many factors to consider when deciding how to transport your goods. Hawaii Air Cargo offers such great customer service, they will tell you to go to another vendor if you can get a better deal!

5/13/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Local Manufacturing Entrepreneur

Jimmy Chan, Founder of Hawaiian Chip Company, shares his experience growing the company, working with local farmers, and expanding his product offerings. He’s been fortunate to keep busy during the pandemic and has implemented strict safely measures to ensure the health and safety of his staff and customers. He has a great storefront offering made to order chips!

4/29/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Local Manufacturing Entrepreneur

Marc Miyahara, Managing Partner of Kreative Kamaaina, a Hawaii manufacturer of custom window coverings, shares how he took over the business and kept it going successfully, even during the pandemic. They are launching a new e-commerce site,, to make it easier to order window treatments!

4/15/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Ocean Technologies and Products

Greg Barbour, Executive Director, shares the latest happenings at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) and resources available for innovative ocean/energy companies.

4/1/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTechHawaii – Local Sake Importing Entrepreneur

Chris Pearce, Founder of World Sake Imports and the Joy of Sake, shares how he started and grew his sake importing business starting in Hawaii to exporting Japanese sake internationally! He also runs and publishes Hana Hou magazine! This month features an article about the history of sake in Hawaii and the people he worked with to grow Hawaii’s appreciation for sake.

3/18/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTechHawaii: Importing Update! 

Matt Leaverton, Customs Broker at GFH Global Hawaii LLC, gives us an update on importing and we discuss labeling and things that could go wrong and hold up your shipments. Hear about mistakes made so you can avoid them when importing goods to Hawaii!

3/4/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTechHawaii: Export Import Financing and Insurance

Greg Moore, Regional Director, Western Region, Export Import Bank of the US, shares how ExIm Bank helps companies mitigate risks when working with overseas companies. This is especially important at the beginning of a business relationship, as you’re starting to build trust. ExIm Bank can help insure payments as well as financing for manufacturing! Contact Greg for more information and assistance.

2/18/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTechHawaii – Upstart Manufacturer

Maui Kahawaiolaa, Founder of Federal Industrial Corporation, has had an international entrepreneur’s journey that finds him at the beginning of a new business venture, to manufacture masks and mask fabric in Hawaii! That would be a great resource for our State and as an export!

2/4/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTechHawaii – Marketing Entrepreneur

Jean-Paul Gedeon, President of JPG Hawaii, shares how he started his entrepreneurial journey as a child and now runs a successful marketing and advertising company. He has lots of great tips and advice for companies starting out and reaching more customers.

1/21/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTechHawaii – Importing from Okinawa

Randy Kuba, Founder of Mana Su and several other companies, shares his story on how he started his import company and lessons learned along the way. Randy took advantage of HTDC’s E-Commerce Assistance Program to get his digital presence and online store up and running! They still have the entire instructional series up so please check it out!

1/7/2021: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Eco-friendly Product Entrepreneur

David Pang, Founder of Ilio Products and Malama Eco Products shares lessons learned on starting and growing his import, wholesale, and manufacturing business. Much of his advice applies to any business!

12/10/2020: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – How to Ship to Hawaii

Jerry Tamamoto, VP of Ship to Hawaii, explains freight forwarding and how they can help you get your goods to Hawaii, especially from vendors and suppliers that won’t ship to Hawaii!

11/ 12/2020: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Importing Entrepreneur’s Journey

Edward “Tony” Anthony is the Founder of Casual Movements, a fashion company he grew organically from finding his niche, his suppliers and retailers, to wholesaling to Costco. It was a hard fought journey and he’s still going. Find out how he did it!

10/29/2020: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Construction Entrepreneurs

Devin Cahill, COO of Pacific Precision Builders, shares how their construction company is preparing to grow and getting ready to come back once the pandemic is over. They are getting ready to import and have been meeting with a customs broker to ensure their shipments arrive and are cleared. Find out how they are getting ready to scale their business!

10/15/2020: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii – Importing Entrepreneur’s Journey

Patrick Lau, Founder and President of Savor Brands, shares his journey from startup to 30-person company with a national distribution of products.  He shares lessons learned while building and scaling his design and import business. On an added note, he mentioned the Hawaii Islands Freight Association (HIFA) as an important organization that helps ensure companies are cost-effective freight rates to maintain a competitive edge. We need all the help we can get to save on transportation out here!

10/1/2020: International Hawaii on ThinkTech Hawaii

INNOVATE Hawaii PPE Manufacturing Grant with Wayne Layugan, Senior Project Manager.

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