Where are Hawaii’s Foreign-Trade Zones?

Where are Hawaii’s Foreign-Trade Zones?

Posted on February 22, 2013

There are currently 12 sites on Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii that have received FTZ designation. Of the 12 sites, three general-purpose zone sites and three special-purpose subzone sites are active. Link to Map

FTZ No. 9 is headquartered at Pier 2 on 7 paved acres including 300,452 square feet of covered space in Honolulu Harbor. The pier and terminal facilities can accommodate four ships simultaneously.

The Zone is in the heart of Downtown Honolulu, just five miles from Honolulu International Airport, making international shipment of goods convenient and economical. (Cargo unloaded at the airport-or anywhere within the port of Honolulu-maintains its foreign identity and duty-free status when it is transferred to Zone No. 9 by bonded carrier).

FTZ No. 9’s expansion sites on Oahu include: 1,051 acres in Campbell Industrial Park in Ewa, 109 acres in Mililani Technology Park in central Oahu, the Hawaii Convention Center, aircraft fueling facilities at Honolulu International Airport, and Unicold’s cold storage complex.

FTZ No. 9’s expansion sites on the neighbor islands include 59 acres in Maui Research and Technology Park, Kihei, Maui; 31 acres on the island of Hawaii adjacent to Hilo International Airport, and the Natural Energy Labs of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) area adjacent to the Kona airport.

Three active special-purpose subzones are situated throughout the State of Hawaii where petroleum refining and synthetic natural gas production create products for the domestic and export markets.

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