Release Authorization / Pick Up Slip

The Release Authorization/Pick Up Slip form is how you notify the FTZ#9 that you would like to pick up items that are warehoused in our Pier 2 facility. Your order will be ready for you within four hours if not sooner.

Employees and Authorized Signature

This form gives you total control of who is allowed to pick up and order goods for you.

U.S. Customs Form 214 (CF214)

U.S. Customs Form 214, Application for Foreign-Trade Zone Admission and/or Status Designation. This form is used to admit merchandise into the Foreign-Trade Zone and must be completed by the importer/broker then submitted to the FTZ for the assignment of a zone lot number. Once a zone lot number has been assigned, US Customs must approve the admission and/or status designation action based on the CF214. The CF214 shall also serve as a “Permit to Transfer”, which is required for the transfer of bonded merchandise into the FTZ.

U.S Customs Form 216 (CF216)

U.S. Customs Form 216; Application for Foreign-Trade Zone Activity Permit. This form is necessary when an importer/broker has bonded goods stored in a Foreign-Trade Zone to be  manipulated, manufactured, exhibited, or destroyed. The activity requested by the CF216 must be approved by US Customs before any action can be taken.

Warehouse Contact

This form is so that we can keep you updated with any changes or notifications here at the FTZ#9. The FTZ#9 is moving towards a more paperless contact and this updated contact information will better help us keep you informed with any updates.

Request for Office Space

Please fill this form out if you are interested in signing up for office space. Please note that you must be storing or plan to store foreign imports in the FTZ#9 warehouse to qualify for office space.

Homer Maxey Center Conference Room Reservation Form

Please fill this form out to request a reservation at the Homer Maxey Center Conference Room: FTZ MAXEY Conf Center Reservation Form

Harbor View Room and Room 202 Reservation Form

Please fill this form out to request a reservation at the Harbor View Conference Room or the Room 202 Conference Room: FTZ MAKAI Conf Rms 202, 258 Reservation Form

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